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❛ hey,
you’re from around here, right?  

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dese bois

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❛ that …
wasn’t me. totally
not  my  fault. 

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      “You and I both know, that is complete and utter bullshit.”


[// Neptune, for all his dramatic talents, holds a clutched palm against his chest and presses the back of the other to his brow, feigning a dramatic wound of sorts. ] 

      “Oh, Sun, you wound me so terribly— so cruel!


❛ hey! it’s worked
before, hasn’t it? maybe it’s
bullshit, but people buy it. 

sun watched neptune, and let out a laugh at the other male’s dramatics. part of him
wanted to muss up neptune’s hair to get him to cut it out,  but  a  bigger  part  of  him
found amusement in the whole thing,  and his tail flicked eagerly  from  side-to-side.
as  usual,  never  one to disappoint or be one-upped,  sun held out his arms and he
gave neptune a playfully serious look, attempting to sound cold.

❛ i’m a faunus,
nep. what do you expect?  we’re all cruel.
i was trouble the moment i walked in. it’s
just in my blood. 

it was adirect mockery to all of the radical anti-faunus protesters and activists, and
sun  let  out an amused snort as he dropped his arms and punched neptune in the

❛ you know,
you might have all the girls and the other
guys fooled into thinking that you’re cool,
but i know better. 

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"Yeah, but is there something
special going on?”

❛ well,
not at the moment.  not exactly!  the new
semester at beacon academy is starting
up, but that’s pretty standard. there is the
tournament in a few months, though. it’s
kind   of   a   big   deal   around  —-   well,
everywhere, honestly. 

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                    satisfaction blatant ‘pon delicate mien, sack precisely cast towards
            blonde stranger as per discussed agreement. 


  ” [ w e l l ]? “


catching the
sack of bananas in his hand,  sun opened it  up  and took out a banana, peeling
the skin off of it and biting into the fruit. he stared over at the girl while he did this,
before giving her a grin.

❛ well what?
what do you wanna know? 

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❛ hey. 
you alright there? not that it’s any of my
business  but  you’ve  been staring out
at the docks for a while now. 

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❛ so on a scale
of one  to  ten,  how pissed off do you think
headmaster glynda was when she walked
in the cafeteria? 

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But what about Neptune standing up for Sun and totally going off on the person who tries to start shit over Sun being a faunus?

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